life lately


Well hello there. I realize that I haven’t posted in some time.

Life to say the least has been very good to me. Over the last few months I have felt completely whole again, the divorce is well behind me, I just renewed my lease for another year, I’ve made some great new friends, and on Sept. 5th I became an auntie again to these 2 little nuggets of baby love, born at 31 weeks weighing 3 pounds each.



Summer and I have been enjoying our days of laughing and playing and dancing and loving. I’m convinced she is a genius and it has nothing to do with momma bias.


Ok, maybe a little.

She is still all things Frozen, and you will be cursed (aka she will throw herself on the floor and cry until you stop and say you’re sorry) if you even try to sing along with her during her hour long renditions of Let It Go.

She insists on putting on my dresses, chasing the dog around for hours, and curling up on the couch with me and a good book. Or 20.


She wants to help me every morning by scooping the sugar and creamer into my coffee and then making me sample it on the spoon just to make sure it’s perfect.


She pretends she’s Mommy and that I am her daughter, “Sweetie”, and she tells me how proud of me she is when I finish my dinner or brush my teeth. It makes me happy because I know for a fact she hears me when I tell her I’m proud of her.

She’s becoming quite the little photographer, always wanting to “take your picture, momma?” I think she has a bright future in portrait photography…


We regularly go to the pet store and pet the kitties, poke at the fishies, and run through the aisles with the shopping cart. It’s like a poor person’s version of the zoo and we love it.

Some days she’s a ballerina, other days a kitty cat, a painter or a soccer player. The imagination on this girl is as big as the universe and without other siblings to distract her, I get to play with her like a kid again, too.


So while the writing has slowed, life has been amazing. Just know we are busy sucking every last drop of happy out of life over here….




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12 responses to “life lately

  1. twowishes

    So happy to hear that you’re happy. Lots of us out there rooting for you. (And in other news, Sandy the Pony was my favorite thing in the WORLD when I was 5. Can’t believe they still exist!!!!)

    • Ha, Sandy is free at our grocery store and gets a lot of use from Summer every week. I wonder if the employees take secret Sandy rides when the store closes 🙂

  2. as

    Happy to read/see things are going well for you two – I hope it continues and all is well with fall coming.

  3. so good to hear everything is going well!!! I swear our girls are one in the same!!! We also love going to the pet store!!!

  4. glad the two of you are doing well, mama.

  5. Karen

    Great update. Man I love that Summer. Gorgeous girls!!

  6. Embee

    I’m so glad you’re back! Of course I would never expect an explanation as to “what happened” with Scott, I first found you through Weddingbee so I have wondered… the important part is that you seem to be doing very well, and Summer seems to be very well adjusted!

  7. Aww, Jaime. I heart this post!

  8. I really want her tutu. That is all. 🙂

    So glad you’re having a good end of summer/early fall. Miss you!

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