picture day

Every morning I let Summer choose her outfits because I’ve learned a very valuable life lesson – picking out clothes for a 3-year-old with strong opinions is not a battle worth fighting. Most of her clothes mix and match pretty well, though there are the occasional outfit choices that include seizure-inducing polka dot shirts with floral patterned pants. There are days she wants to wear one light pink sock and one dark pink sock. Other days it’s a flower girl dress to the grocery store. Fine. Have at it kiddo.

But today is pre-school picture day.

Her very first school pictures.

Pictures that I’ll probably carry around in my purse for the next 40 years.

I think back to the clothes I wore in some of my school pictures and knowing that I can vividly recall what I was wearing 30 years ago thanks to photographic reminders now tucked neatly away in my parents’ basement, I figured she should have some small amount of put-togethered-ness. So this morning while whole-heartedly honoring my self-declared role as mother of the year, I bribed my 3-year-old with chocolate to wear a cute blue owl shirt over the white leggings with silver polka dots she chose. Chocolate definitely helps win battles. They should try that in wars.

We talked about how there was going to be a picture lady at school. She asked me what the picture lady’s name is. I told her Picture Lady Petunia. And I told her the picture lady was going to put a pretty backdrop behind her and have her sit nicely in a chair and make her say “cheeeeeeeeeese!” And I told her that she should smile the bestest smile she could because her bestest smile is the greatest thing in the whole wide world and makes my heart melt into a puddle of soggy momma love.

She looked at me and said, “Don’t worry momma, I’m gonna smile like THIS…”


Nailed. It.


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  1. Karen

    You’ve got to watch last weeks Modern Family- all about Lilly’s crazy smile. She’s gorgeous any way you slice it!! And yes- clothes battles here too. This morning she demanded either her leotard or a wedding dress. She didn’t like that I had neither.

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