leaving on a jet plane

I’m heading out to California today for our IT Department’s annual Team Building event and I can’t get that freaking Peter, Paul and Mary song out of my head. It happens every year. Last year we stayed at the company house in Palm Springs, sitting pretty on a golf course complete with pool and hot tub and the cushiest bed I’ve ever slept in. This year we are in Calabasas staying at a hotel near our corporate office. Last year for fun they sent us in a tram up a mountain. This year, I’m not sure what they have planned for us but it will be good, I’m sure! Looking forward to getting out of the cold for a few days.

Last year:

TB2013The year before:


I’m hoping for pink shirts this year. Maybe with a little bling on them. Ah, a girl can dream.



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2 responses to “leaving on a jet plane

  1. Hope you enjoy it! I’m jealous of those palm trees. Oh yeah…time for pink. 🙂

  2. M

    I’m a loooong time follower and I must ask you something – my husband and I are going away for a week in February and I’m crapping my pants thinking about leaving my little girl (who is just a couple months younger than Summer) – please please please tell me how you deal with this!

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