mystery gifts

I’m starting to wonder if everyone in the apartment complex got a memo to bring the little blonde girl in Building 4 presents every once in a while. It all started over the summer when some sweet soul left 2 potted plants on my patio and I still have no idea who it was. I’m not good with plants unless they’re made of plastic, but I decided to embrace the sweet gesture and take really good care of my basil and tomatoes. I’d say I did a pretty good job.


Next up, Rodd. Rodd totally looks like a Rodd. Rodd lives down the hall and when he moved in he asked me to walk his German Shepherd a dozen times to which I said no every time. So he got rid of the dog and adopted 3 cats. He asked me to walk his cats. Erm, no. About a month ago he spotted me getting out of my car, ran over to me across the lawn, and handed me a Tupperware full of homemade lasagna. A week later he knocked on my door and handed me a bag full of bread from the complimentary bread baskets they put on the table at the diner next door. And a week after that, he gave me a cookie.

Note to self: gain weight so he’ll stop trying to feed me.

My neighbor across the hall, Drunk John, once offered to give me his dog, Maxie. And now a few times a week I will walk out of my apartment to be greeted by Maxie waiting outside my door. It’s possible Maxie is just sneaking out when Drunk John opens his door; hell, a plane could crash right in front of Drunk John and he probably wouldn’t notice, but really you never know. Either way, dude, thank you but I don’t want your dog, I have enough mouths to feed.

The most recent gift came last week when I opened my front door to find that some random stranger left little ol’ me a lovely present hanging from my doorknob:

grease purse

She’s a grease-stained beauty, my friends. But the purse wasn’t all, it had a notecard inside with a sweet message written just for me

wedding toast1

wedding toast2

Yep, everyone would be so lucky to have generous neighbors like mine.



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4 responses to “mystery gifts

  1. Haaaa.

    That’s all.

  2. WTF? It’s funny, but it’s weird.

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