stupid zoo lights

Summer’s new thing is that whenever someone does or says something that she doesn’t like, she says that the person isn’t allowed to go to her birthday party. I’m happy to report that I’ve officially been uninvited at least 10 times now because, well, there’s the whole no candy canes for breakfast thing for starters….

Anywho, my friend and I decided that this past weekend we would take our girls to the Lincoln Park Zoo for the annual zoo lights. They put up thousands of Christmas lights all over and with one of my mantras being there is no such thing as too many Christmas lights, I’m pretty sure the fact that I have never been to see these zoo lights is illegal.

This past Sunday was the perfect weather for it, so Summer, my friend Sharon and I put on our coats and headed out the door. Then I had to run back in to grab umbrellas in case it started drizzling later. Then I had to run back in to grab monkey and blankie. Then I had to run back in to grab gloves and a sippy cup. We were out the door for the 4th time and finally on our way.

Traffic was horrible driving into the city but we braved the bumper to bumper drive that took us almost an hour, picked up Sharon’s daughter at her dad’s, then headed towards the zoo. The exit off Lake Shore Drive was backed up for a good mile but we sat patiently, asking the girls what they were most excited to see. “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” came from the back seat a good 4,283 times on the exit ramp and I assured the girls that one more turn and we’d be there. We finally got off the exit ramp and we could see the stoplight where we would be turning into the parking lot. FINALLY.

I cut someone off to get over.

I got in the turn lane.

We were 3 cars away at the red light.

Come on green arrow.

And then….

oh hell no….

what is he DOING?

oh no, no nooooooooo…..

lot full

Can’t see it? Here, let me zoom in for you…..

no birthday party for you

The guy literally put those cones and the sign up while we were waiting the 45 seconds for the light to turn green! So to summarize my entire day from beginning to end in less than 2 seconds, it went something like this:

Want to go to the zoo lights?

yeah noooooooo

To make sure the night wasn’t a total loss, we took the girls out for dinner and ice cream which ended up being SO much more fun than seeing some stupid lights on some stupid trees at the stupid boring zoo. See?


Zoo totally forgotten.



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2 responses to “stupid zoo lights

  1. This sucks. I’m sorry! At least you had a BETTER time. Ice cream beats out stupid christmas lights every time in my book!

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