They are saying it’s the 5th largest snow storm we’ve ever had here in Chicago (surprisingly I’ve been alive for 4 out of the 5 of them). And at the present moment I can hardly move my back – there’s nothing like that first shovel of the winter to remind you how badly you should maybe, just maybe, work out once in a while. I spent a good 2 hours this morning with my neighbor shoveling and pushing people’s cars out because the snow plows hadn’t gone through the 2 feet of freshly fallen snow in the parking lot. They’re usually really good about plowing here but not today. And then I found out why.

There were 2 cars stuck in the middle of the road that runs through our apartment complex.

The plows couldn’t get through because the cars were there.

The cars were there because AAA couldn’t get to them.

AAA couldn’t get to them because the plows hadn’t gone through.

The plows hadn’t gone through because… yeah.

A vicious circle with no one to blame except for Winter Storm Linus.

Damn you, Linus!


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