in one week, for one week


A week from now, Summer will be in California with her daddy, his family and his girlfriend for a family member’s wedding and a trip to Disneyland.

7 days.

My longest stretch away from my baby was 5 days for my last Team Building back in October and it was tough, but I was in another state constantly doing things with people I only get to see once a year. My mind was occupied. I, of course, missed Summer like crazy and we FaceTimed when we could, and we survived. Next week will be different though. This time she is the one flying to the other side of the country, she’ll be busy and she’ll have fun and her mind will be occupied, and I will be the one here at home.

In a very quiet apartment.

Logging off my computer at 4pm as usual but with no urgency to fly out the door to go pick her up from preschool.

I’m kind of dreading not seeing this face for 7 days…


If given the choice of a week of no mommy-ing – actually sleeping in until 7, not having to repeat “brush your teeth” 10 times with one foot out the door, not choosing mac n’ cheese for dinner again just to put off the grocery shopping one more day – versus a week of all of it – single-mommying a three-year-old full of ups, downs, her sweet little strangling hugs and her angry face followed with “mommy, I’m mad at you”‘s, I would pick her every second of every day.

7 days. I can do this. Hell, I don’t really have a choice. I’ve told some of my mommy friends that I may drop by unannounced next week to hang out with their kids if I’m having child withdrawal. That should help some.

And FYI if you see this, they totally mean that other Jaime.



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One response to “in one week, for one week

  1. Abby

    Wow, that will be hard. As much as I love my 3 year old, I often fantasize about time to myself. When I’ve actually gotten it though, I miss her terribly. I had a weekend away with friends and a 4 day business trip and in both instances, I annoyed friends/my boss with incessant talk about how much I missed my daughter. 7 days will be brutal. Make sure to plan some stuff to keep busy, and just think how excited she’ll be to come home and see you. The look on my daughter’s face when I picked her up from daycare after being gone for several days made it almost worth it.

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