I’m a 30-something 28-year-old trapped in a 40-year-old body, born and raised in Chicago, and I’ve always loved to write. It’s such a release for me to pour my thoughts out from my head through my keyboard to the screen even if I’m the only person reading them. Also little disclaimer here on the ‘rabit stew’… I am blissfully aware of the fact that rabbit is spelled with two ‘b’s, but I used to pass a sign on my way home from work that was missing a ‘b’ in rabbit. It made me laugh. So I stole it.

The word, not the sign.


I wrote for Weddingbee as Miss Nachos (hence the cute little plate of nachos over there on the menu bar) back in Nov. 2009 and once the wedding was over, I was happy to start writing about anything but wedding stuff. And now that I’m divorced, well… I’m even happier to not be writing about wedding stuff because that would just be weird.

I have an amazing kid who is smarter, funnier, and far more sane than I am.

I want babies. Lots and lots of babies. Scratch that, I wrote that 8 years ago when I used to want lots of babies. Now that I have one 6-year-old who is seriously nothing short of amazing, I know if I ever tempted fate and had another it would be a total devil child. Yeah, I’m good with the one.

I lourves me some beer or wine after a long day. And a short day. And all the days in between.

I can find the silver lining in anyone’s situation – you forgot something and had to walk back up 6 flights of stairs? Hey, the exercise good for your heart. You ate an entire pizza for lunch…again? Whelp looky looky… pizza crust=grains, mushrooms=veggies, tomato sauce=fruits, pepperoni=meat, and cheese=dairy…I do believe we have a well-rounded meal consisting of the 5 food groups. You’re stuck at work ’til 6 when everyone else got to leave and now you have nothing to do but pick your nose? Start a new blog. That’s what I did.


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