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…just kidding, that’s not my number but it is the number to the Rejection Hotline. Put it in your phone. It’s a fabulous idea for awkward bar moments when weirdos ask for your phone number and you’re too nice to say no….


…I’m not gonna lie, saying no is a lot easier than remembering a phone number that isn’t yours when you’ve had a few cocktails. And you definitely don’t want to give this number to that guy that immediately calls ‘your’ number back as soon as you give it to him just so he can make sure to get his number in your phone before you walk away. And then your phone doesn’t ring and you stand there trying to come up with some reason why your phone suddenly stopped working while he’s looking at you and listening to a message telling him that he smells. Now that’s embarrassing.


2 responses to “contact

  1. amanda bruorton

    I just stumbled onto your blog through Pinterest, and you made my DAY! You are a HOOT! Talking about people jacking your leg warmer idea, making billions and not mentioning your blog- lucky bitches lol:)
    Thanks for the chuckle!!!

  2. Becky

    I know your blog about your week by week pregnancy is a couple years old, but I just found it and have loved reading every word. I am 11 weeks preggers and finally I found someone with every issue I am having.. from clothes to stuffy nose and all. Thanks for sharing this, it has been a pleasure reading

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