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leaving on a jet plane

Here I sit alone at the airport waiting to board a plane to Palm Springs, CA for my first ever work trip. Last week I was promoted and it feels really really good, though I kinda feel like the moment I accepted, I became Tom Cruise in The Firm. Not in a sell-your-soul-to-the-devil way, but more in an exclusive-club-by-invite-only-here-have-a-bunch-of-stuff good way.

The hard part was saying goodbye for more than a typical 8 hour work day to this little one for the first time.

I’ll be back on Friday evening so it’s really just a quick little jaunt clear across the entire country, but I’m definitely leaving my heart in Chicago. I’m going to miss that face.



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a giveaway from KMCrochetDesigns!

Everyone meet Kristen.

Kristen, this is everyone.

Kristen Mahoney is a new wife, a mommy to those 2 little nuggets of gorgeousness up there, and a crafty goddess who crochets the cutest little hats for cute little heads. She’s a stay at home mama and is living the life I dream of every morning when I hit that stupid snooze button for the 3rd time and finally drag my butt out of bed to go to work.

“My favorite thing about being a stay at home mom is that I get to watch my girls grow up and teach them new things without having to miss out on the most important things in their lives.”

Lucky ducky.

Kristen and I found each other through six degrees of separation in a Facebook mommy group and as soon as I saw her creations, I immediately jumped on the chance to help get her name out there because quite simply, the world needs more of these.

With her 2 beautiful little beings as her inspiration, Kristen started crocheting 2 years ago and continues to adorn little heads with her new designs. She says she’s always willing to try new styles and animals and she has lots of fun coming up with new hats. And with a little encouragement from our mommy friends, Kristen recently launched her Etsy shop, KMCrochetDesigns.

This is where you all come in.

To help an awesome mama get her name out there, I offered to do a giveaway because hey, one of you gets one of the cutest hats in the entire world, I get lots of comments and blog love, and Kristen Mahoney becomes a household name like Martha and Oprah. Win, win, win. So here’s how it’s gonna work – there are a few different ways to enter to win. The more things you do, the more entries you have and the better your odds will be. You can do any or all of the 4 following things to enter (if you do more than 1, leave me a separate comment for each one, also be sure to include your email address when you comment so I have a way to contact you):

  1. Go to Kristen’s Facebook page and click the big ol LIKE! button. Then browse her designs and come back and leave me a comment letting me know which one you would pick if you win.
  2. Visit her Etsy shop, KMCrochetDesigns and leave me a comment telling me which hat is your favorite on there.
  3. Kristen is a slurpie junkie. It’s true. It’s a bit out of control. She will drink a slurpie in the dead cold of an Icelandic winter if you let her. So in honor of her love affair with fruity ice chunks in a cup, leave me a comment with a drink you can’t live without. Mine of course is Miller of the Lite variety.
  4. Wish me a happy birthday (today only – Thursday 10/4) and tell me how young I look for a 29-year-old. 🙂

The winner will pick the design he/she wants, Kristen will make it especially for them. She’s even willing to take requests if the winner has another animal or something else in mind that they didn’t see on her pages (obviously provided she thinks it’s doable). Entries end next Wednesday, 10/10/12 at midnight, and a winner will be chosen at random a week from today, Thursday 10/11/12 (a pretty awesome date for a win I do believe).
Good luck!!


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dance like nobody’s watching

We were hit with some pretty severe storms over the last 12 hours, a welcome reprieve from the sinus-stuffing heat we’ve been floating around in lately. Though welcome may not be the exact term hazy would use to describe the rain…

Poor little thing tried her hardest to climb into the 2 inch gap under the couch last night with no luck because thunder is apparently worth hiding from, even if it means clawing the floorboards to smoosh yourself out of sight.

I have to say that while last summer was amazing with my 3 months of maternity leave stretching from June to September and a new baby to snuggle, this summer has been my absolute favorite and I’ve been sucking the life out of every minute and haven’t had much time to sit down and write about it all. In the meantime though, I have rediscovered the joys of running through a backyard sprinkler in my bathing suit and eating ice cream faster than it can melt down my hand, rolling around in the grass and feeling the cool blast of air conditioning hit my face after playing barefoot outside in the summer sun for hours. Leave it to a 1-year-old to teach her mama how to let the world’s problems fix themselves and instead enjoy the little things in life again. There is so much truth to the statement, “the best things in life are free…”

Our Michigan trip was a blast and after getting lost on the way and driving through a part of Detroit that was scarier than the sketchiest parts of Chicago I’ve been through with a baby in tow, I’m happy to now say that I kinda know my way around another little part of the world. We did a lot of beer drinking, late night sister talking, baby chasing and thrift store shopping, and I now declare Christmas in July an official family holiday that will be celebrated every 4th of July from here on out.

On the work-front, Amy left us a month ago and New Amy started this past Monday. Though with a name like “New Amy” not being one to just roll off the tongue, we’ve decided to call her Gretchen and lucky lucky girl got to sit next to me while I stared at the side of her mug all morning while the internet was being fixed. Everyone say hi Gretchen!

What else….

Summer now understands every single stinking word we’re saying. If i ask her, “where’s cookie finger?”, she does this:

If I say “where’s monkey?”, she’ll go find her monkey blanket and bring it to me. If I say, “give Hazy the ball”, she’ll go get a tennis ball and hand it to the dog. And if I ask her “do you have any mail?”, she’ll run and check the little mailbox on her house toy and dance while opening envelopes because her mailbox plays the alphabet song, one of her favorites. And to make sure the girl isn’t disappointed, the mailman (Scott) has been giving her our daily junk mail, though every once in a while she actually gets legit mail from her friends…

She literally squealed when she opened that.

p.s. I absolutely love thrift stores so so much and I snagged that learning house toy thing from one a few weeks ago. The house toy was big. It was bulky. The door hit me in the shin and the base fell off every time I lifted it up to try to get it to the register, out the door, and in the car. The whole way home with every bump I hit, the beast would start playing music and with every new song that bellowed from the trunk, I regretted buying it more and more. Then I got it home. I wiped it down with some disinfecting wipes. I screwed on the base and I let Summer have at it while I looked it up online to see everything it does. And not only did Summer instantly love it, but holy shite the thing costs 90 ridiculous expensive dollars. I got it for $10. Best thrift store purchase evaaaaaaa. It’s the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Home and it’s awesome and have I mentioned that I love thrift stores?

And now I leave you all with some good tunes from the stylings of Farmer Tad and his biggest fan…..

To view directly on YouTube, click here


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thrifted and gifted

Most of our baby toys, clothes and furniture are hand-me-downs from various family and friends with now big kids whom have outgrown the stuff, and one of our favorites is the Leap Frog fridge farm

Make that child 2 years younger, blonde, female, with a lot less teeth and 15 pounds lighter, make the walls blue, the refrigerator black, and the fridge magnet a little more worn in with a tint of yellow, some food crumbs shoved into the speaker and a tadpole at the top instead of duck and I could have totally taken this picture myself.

So this magnet, you put the animal pieces in and it sings about horse butts and cow heads. It’s catchy, happy, sing-songy and when you press on the tadpole above the barn it says in a loud high-pitched voice,


Poor Farmer Tad sounds phlegmy like he has a cold. And after hearing and repeating Farmer Tad a few hundred times now, I have unintentionally perfected the voice of Farmer Tad. I say it every time I open the fridge. “Hi!” I say it when I’m making my coffee. “I’m Farmer Tad!” I say it in my sleep. “Listen to my banjo!!” It’s gotten a little out of hand but it is what it is.

So a few months ago when I was pulling out Summer’s next size up bag of hand-me-downs that I had sorted before she was born, I was shocked at the 500 freaking pairs of size 9-12 month ugly hot pink or neon green stretchy cotton baby pants with purple flowers and weird floating kitten faces on them that were given to us, and I wondered who in their right mind would have bought them all because damn they were so not cute. So I bagged them all back up and stuck them somewhere in the back of a closet in the basement right next to where the spiders and creepy crawlies party. And now that I have a crawling 10-month-old on my hands, I am full-on kicking myself in the buttcheeks because damn it, I need stretchy cotton pants and as long as they’re long enough I could give a flying frack if they have poo-flinging monkeys on them as long as they keep her knees protected and warm, and I can’t for the life of me find the bag.

So yesterday morning I hit up the thrift store for a pair or two of stretchy pants that Summer could wear to the Cubs game later that afternoon. And of course there were no good pants because I can never ever find what I’m actually scouting out at a thrift store, but as I was looking, I found cute top after cute onesie after cute dress, all previously loved by other babies, each for $2 a pop. And before I knew it my arms were getting full. Ah, but then the books began calling out my name, and then I walked past the jewelry that caught my eye, and I gazed longingly at all of the pretty bright-colored glass vases, and on and on, I was sifting and strolling and spending way more time there than I had originally planned.

And as I was just about ready to peel myself out of there with arms full of everything besides cotton stretchy baby pants, it happened. I heard him. He said hi. He said his name was freaking Farmer Tad. He told me to listen to his mother effing banjo. He. Was. Right. Behind. Me. He began playing the familiar twangy tune of She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain. And while I had my suspicions that it had actually happened years ago, this was the moment now frozen in time when I realized I had officially lost my mind. His banjo played loudly in my head. My armpits started sweating. I looked around for other shoppers to see if they were hearing it, too but there was no one else around to make eye contact with. There was no one else to hear it, and I was alone in my crazy. And then, all of a sudden, I breathed a deep, cleansing, satisfying sigh of relief as I turned to the next aisle and realized that some little kid had found a newer, cleaner version of Farmer Tad’s fridge farm for sale with fewer crumbs in the speaker and a less yellowy tint to it, and the kid had pressed the magic button.

And so it was, Farmer Tad’s twin was sitting in a ziplock baggie with his farm friends on an endcap in a thrift store for who knows how long and when I showed up he had called out to me. So I grabbed him, took him to the register, haggled with the cashier and got her down to $4 because Farmer Tad was missing a duck butt and a pig butt making it impossible to create a silly Farmer Tad horse duck or a cow pig. And now as we speak, Farmer Tad #2 and his fridge farm family are on their way to Michigan to taunt my sister and the twins from their refrigerator, because I truly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the sweet sounds of Farmer Tad’s banjo at all times.


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booty scootin’

Summer turned 8 months on Valentine’s Day and decided it was time to get a move on. Problem is she hates being on her tummy so much it seems she’ll do what she can to stay off of it! So we now have a baby on the move, she’s just going in the wrong direction….Nanna says she’s stuck in reverse and needs to put that car in drive, baby…

Or click here to watch my crappily edited video. 🙂


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momma’s first Christmas

This is seriously getting out of control.

I realize this whole baby’s first Christmas thing is so much more for me than my 6-month-old, especially considering the girl still believes that toes make the best pacifiers and the word ‘whoa’ is hilarious for some reason and green beans are the devil incarnate served with a spoon. So while wrapping musical toys that light up and blow bubbles, and telling baby girl all about Santa on our drives to Nanna’s, and making her laugh while dancing like a goon to the Beach Boys ‘Little Saint Nick’ has been way too much fun, I’m no dummy thinking that she’s gonna retain any of this. But you know, that’ll never stop me from sucking all the sentiment out of the fact that this is my baby’s first Christmas and honestly, Christmas through momma eyes is pretty freaking fantastic! So this weekend we’ll have the cheesy DVR yule log on the tv and I’ll actually remember to kiss Scott and baby under the mistletoe that we leave up all year round and completely forget about, and I’ll be taking a thousand pictures of Summer ripping the paper on her presents while letting her lick my Christmas ham. Literally. 😉 I can’t wait.

The only thing I haven’t quite figured out yet is what to tell her when she’s old enough to realize we don’t have a fireplace for Santa. If he goes down our chimney, he ends up in the furnace.


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diamonds, cupcakes and snail mail

Last night after work I picked up my wedding band. If you’ll remember, 2 weeks ago Gertrude went missing. It took the jeweler a while because for an entire week they searched for a tiny rose cut diamond the same as the others, which apparently proved to be nearly impossible. Instead, they ended up dropping in a baguette, polishing her right up, building up the sides of the band in case any of Gertrude’s friends decide to try to jump ship, too, and I’m pleased to say that the new diamond isn’t noticeably different unless you actually go looking for it.


Do you see it? While I’m kinda happy that the new diamond almost feels like I added to the history of the ring, adding a piece of me to a piece of my grandma, is it weird that I kinda feel like when they polished the ring they wiped a bit of my grandma’s history off? Makes me kinda sad. Well, that and the fact that I just paid $100 for the world’s tiniest diamond. And if ever there was a lesson to be learned through all of this, it’s that I can’t be trusted with rings…I went out and bought myself a $9 imposter from Kohl’s while Gertrude was being replaced and wouldn’t you know it, even the fakies are trying to run away.

On the Hurricane Rina home front, after waiting 12 hours for a boat to Riviera Maya, spending a day there then heading back to Cozumel, my sister and her hubby made it home safe and sound which is more than I can say for her luggage. And to Karen, I’ve been thinking about you, hoping Rachel and Jimmie made it home ok. Please give me an update so I can stop holding my breath for you all!

Yesterday I learned that our friends just closed on a house on. my. street. Holy crap, I’m so excited. Considering anyone would be better than the shady carjackers across the street and the crazy old woman who wanders up and down and up and down and up and down the street picking up garbage and throwing it down on our lawn everyday and our 90-year-old neighbor to the left who I’m pretty sure sits in her window with binoculars, I can’t tell you how happy I am that actual friends are moving in! They were pregnant the same time I was, due 1 week later, and I see a baby wedding in the future.

Hey, surely there are worse things than marrying the neighbor, right?

Scott and my story was recently published on a blog called So…How Did You Meet Anyway? The sweet wonderful author of the site, Susan Amestoy, contacted me because she’s a sucker for a great love story and wanted to add ours to her awesome expanding list, and apparently there’s a book in the works that we’ll hopefully be a part of. People are always telling me I should write a book, I figure it’s easier to let someone do it for me.

And speaking of writing, Summer has a pen pal. Actually 2 pen pals – her cousins Ethan and Caleb who moved to Michigan in September. “But wait,” you say, “how can she have a pen pal if she can’t hold a pencil?” Ahhh, my child is a genius you see. I caught her the other day sneaking back in the window with a Dollar Tree bag full of randoms and a bunch of stamps in her hand. When confronted, she fessed up. Apparently she’s been sending presents and notes and pictures to her cousins for a month now because she misses them like crazy.

She writes letters about pooping on planes and making her daddy laugh like a silly head and she sent a giant toothbrush to Ethan because he has sprouted a few teeth and has giant hands called meat paws.

And her cousins send her gifts and letters back – bibs and teething toys and funny letters about spit up and how to grow hair and wrapping daddies around fingers. There’s truly something fantastic about getting a package and a letter in the mail. We’re keeping USPS alive here, people, and making fun memories for a scrapbook to laugh at down the road.

And finally, I gave you all a sneak peek a few weeks ago of the cutest little cupcake with a cherry on top…

And my angel prop baby is happy to report…

…that she slept through Halloween.


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