if my baby was the mayor

If my baby was the mayor, it would be a pretty cool place to live.

Easter 8

The best paying jobs would be the star-gazer, the dreamers, treasure hunters and nursery rhyme singers.

Easter 7

Everyone would own a puppy, an endless supply of crayons, and the finest pair of glittery shoes money could buy.

Easter 6

There would be stores that sold nothing but string cheese,

Easter 19

and on every street corner there would be a designated bubble blower.

Easter 17

People would greet each other with Eskimo kisses and a good toss over the head.

Easter 2

There would be goldfish cracker stands on every block.

Easter 10

Every hill covered in wildflowers would sit next to a hill covered in pinwheels.

Easter 3

The Wiggles would have their own tv station,

Easter 15

everyday would be your birthday,

Easter 14

and family would never be further than a skip away.

Easter 18

The anthem would be Old MacDonald had a Farm, and on that farm he’d only ever have cows.

Easter 1

There would be no need for radios because the Pandora Toddler Station would play over the town hall speakers.

Easter 13

And the rules would be made up of five laws…

Easter 9

1. Giggle a lot.

Easter 20

2. Eat cheese at every meal.

Easter 16

3. Collect stickers.

Easter 4

4. Put your arms behind you and pretend you’re flying when you run.

Easter 5

5. Kiss your momma. Ok, now go kiss her again.


Yes, I’d live there.



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5 responses to “if my baby was the mayor

  1. So so sweet Jaime, Summer is such a beautiful soul, good job!

  2. Oh and I’d live there too! 😉

  3. Julie

    I would be Summer’s admin assistant for sure.

  4. Her dress is too cute! And Summertown sounds like the bomb. I’d love to live there!

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