oh yeah…


Heeeeeeeey there…

It’s funny, the longer I went without blogging, the harder it was to figure out what to write about and it turned into this nasty downward blogging spiral of, “ooo that just happened, I should write about it… but well then there were those 14,234 other things I wanted to write about, too. Maybe I should do those first. But yeah, that was 3 months ago so, I… just don’t know…”

So I’m putting it all out, 1 big old lump of 3 months of living wrapped up in 1 post full of pretty pictures. Yep, that’ll do nicely.



“Momma, there’s a booger on my finger.” (I have at least 4 different pics of this same pose on different days)…




Celebrating my bestie’s baby’s baptism, (now say that 3 times fast)…



van Goghs making their masterpieces…


The Nature Museum’s butterfly exhibit was really cool, but REALLY hard when you’re used to swatting at flying things near your head…



When you work remotely, it’s a big deal to actually see the people you work with, so selfies are always in order…






School pics. Who the frack is this 15 year old and what has she done with my baby?….





We visited a farm right down the road from us and had a blast….




The life of preschooler knees…



Mother’s Day…









Please excuse the exclamation points, I just got to see so many work people in 1 month which is rare and makes me “!!!”


“Mommy, can I do makeup, too?”

“Sure sweet pea, but only the eye shadow”…

Nailed it.






This is what happens when the above rolls in….





4th birthday celebrations with mommy and daddy, we agreed to always try to celebrate her birthday together…






Human bubbles at ABT…

IMG_2838  IMG_2872

Long Grove Strawberry Festival….




It’s been a fun few months :)


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Easter in photos

It’s official, Easter trumps Christmas as favorite holiday in my book. As much as I love Christmas decorations, putting them up and taking them down is a lot of work. As much as I love the act of giving Christmas gifts, it usually requires boatloads of money and I have unfortunately forgotten the combination to my vault full of gold and riches. And as much as I love Santa….


There’s nothing bad I can say about Santa.

But really, Easter? All a good Easter requires is a dress that twirls really really well…


 Bunny ears for dogs…


And kiddos….


And Dabba Doo (my dad’s grandpa name)…


Maybe some bobby pins to hold them in place…


A couple dozen eggs…


Bunny-eared selfies…


Maybe some donuts…


Mini pretty colored chairs…


Pretty babies in pretty bows….


Pretty babies in pretty bows…ok, I may have already mentioned that but, come on, these babies are too cute to not mention again…


And again…


And again…


Cousin lovin’…


An auntie who will let you tackle her and gouge her eyes out…


And a backyard squirt bottle chase (or is that just my family?)…


‘Twas a very fun Easter this year.


Happy Friday… if you need me, I’ll be over here in my best twirly dress spinning happy Friday spins.

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in one week, for one week


A week from now, Summer will be in California with her daddy, his family and his girlfriend for a family member’s wedding and a trip to Disneyland.

7 days.

My longest stretch away from my baby was 5 days for my last Team Building back in October and it was tough, but I was in another state constantly doing things with people I only get to see once a year. My mind was occupied. I, of course, missed Summer like crazy and we FaceTimed when we could, and we survived. Next week will be different though. This time she is the one flying to the other side of the country, she’ll be busy and she’ll have fun and her mind will be occupied, and I will be the one here at home.

In a very quiet apartment.

Logging off my computer at 4pm as usual but with no urgency to fly out the door to go pick her up from preschool.

I’m kind of dreading not seeing this face for 7 days…


If given the choice of a week of no mommy-ing – actually sleeping in until 7, not having to repeat “brush your teeth” 10 times with one foot out the door, not choosing mac n’ cheese for dinner again just to put off the grocery shopping one more day – versus a week of all of it – single-mommying a three-year-old full of ups, downs, her sweet little strangling hugs and her angry face followed with “mommy, I’m mad at you”‘s, I would pick her every second of every day.

7 days. I can do this. Hell, I don’t really have a choice. I’ve told some of my mommy friends that I may drop by unannounced next week to hang out with their kids if I’m having child withdrawal. That should help some.

And FYI if you see this, they totally mean that other Jaime.


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dream home

Every day on the way home from preschool, we pass a beautiful house that I could only ever dream of buying, followed with squeals from Summer when she spots it. “Mommy, there’s our favorite green house!” she yells and points…


Zillow. That porch. I would make out with it if the owners wouldn’t arrest me.

houseGoogle street view. That yard. Like soft, green, fluffy velvet butter.

“Someday, I’m going to buy us that house,” I tell her knowing damn well I probably won’t ever be able to considering 1) it was last on the market for $589,000, and 2) it’s, um, not actually for sale. Meh.

Details, schmeetails.

But then when we get home to our cozy little space and I look around, I know we have everything we could ever possibly need and then some. Two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a small kitchen (because really, how much room does one actually need in order to cook chicken nuggets and have kitchen dance parties?), a decent dining room and comfy colorful living room, a patio, no maintenance, no mowing the lawn, no HOA fees, no having to buy a new appliance if one breaks…. and we’re happy. While there’s always something to complain about (ahem no in-unit laundry), there’s always a silver lining (shared laundry room means being able to do 6 loads of laundry at the same time in under an hour). There’s no garage parking which royally sucks in the middle of a Chicago winter (boo), but there’s a pool and playground right outside our door (can I get an amen!). I have weird neighbors who get crazy eyes as they turn and run (not even kidding in the slightest) from my terrifying ginormous rabid attack dogs…

killer dogs

…but I have others who bring me platefuls* of cookies and bags of bread, there’s Drunk John across the hall who always flashes his award-winning beer-soaked smile, and I have my kindred spirit mama and her daughter right upstairs.

*side note – platefuls just sounds wrong, like it should be plates-ful instead, like brothers-in-law, no?

It’s not our permanent home, but it’s our for-a-little-while home and I love it. It’s as perfect as any beautiful, 32,000 square foot box of gorgeousness sitting on 3/4ths of an acre with beautiful finishes and a basement big enough to hold 15 washers and dryers and a small aircraft. Plus with a house that size I’d have to hire a housekeeper and then I’d just feel bad every time she picked up my dirty underoos off the bathroom floor. So yeah… maybe someday, maybe not.

After we passed our favorite green house yesterday and I told her we’re going to buy it someday, she asked me, “when we buy the house how will we get it home from the store?”

“With the world’s largest shopping cart, sweet pea. They just haven’t made it yet…”


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They are saying it’s the 5th largest snow storm we’ve ever had here in Chicago (surprisingly I’ve been alive for 4 out of the 5 of them). And at the present moment I can hardly move my back – there’s nothing like that first shovel of the winter to remind you how badly you should maybe, just maybe, work out once in a while. I spent a good 2 hours this morning with my neighbor shoveling and pushing people’s cars out because the snow plows hadn’t gone through the 2 feet of freshly fallen snow in the parking lot. They’re usually really good about plowing here but not today. And then I found out why.

There were 2 cars stuck in the middle of the road that runs through our apartment complex.

The plows couldn’t get through because the cars were there.

The cars were there because AAA couldn’t get to them.

AAA couldn’t get to them because the plows hadn’t gone through.

The plows hadn’t gone through because… yeah.

A vicious circle with no one to blame except for Winter Storm Linus.

Damn you, Linus!

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stupid zoo lights

Summer’s new thing is that whenever someone does or says something that she doesn’t like, she says that the person isn’t allowed to go to her birthday party. I’m happy to report that I’ve officially been uninvited at least 10 times now because, well, there’s the whole no candy canes for breakfast thing for starters….

Anywho, my friend and I decided that this past weekend we would take our girls to the Lincoln Park Zoo for the annual zoo lights. They put up thousands of Christmas lights all over and with one of my mantras being there is no such thing as too many Christmas lights, I’m pretty sure the fact that I have never been to see these zoo lights is illegal.

This past Sunday was the perfect weather for it, so Summer, my friend Sharon and I put on our coats and headed out the door. Then I had to run back in to grab umbrellas in case it started drizzling later. Then I had to run back in to grab monkey and blankie. Then I had to run back in to grab gloves and a sippy cup. We were out the door for the 4th time and finally on our way.

Traffic was horrible driving into the city but we braved the bumper to bumper drive that took us almost an hour, picked up Sharon’s daughter at her dad’s, then headed towards the zoo. The exit off Lake Shore Drive was backed up for a good mile but we sat patiently, asking the girls what they were most excited to see. “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” came from the back seat a good 4,283 times on the exit ramp and I assured the girls that one more turn and we’d be there. We finally got off the exit ramp and we could see the stoplight where we would be turning into the parking lot. FINALLY.

I cut someone off to get over.

I got in the turn lane.

We were 3 cars away at the red light.

Come on green arrow.

And then….

oh hell no….

what is he DOING?

oh no, no nooooooooo…..

lot full

Can’t see it? Here, let me zoom in for you…..

no birthday party for you

The guy literally put those cones and the sign up while we were waiting the 45 seconds for the light to turn green! So to summarize my entire day from beginning to end in less than 2 seconds, it went something like this:

Want to go to the zoo lights?

yeah noooooooo

To make sure the night wasn’t a total loss, we took the girls out for dinner and ice cream which ended up being SO much more fun than seeing some stupid lights on some stupid trees at the stupid boring zoo. See?


Zoo totally forgotten.


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things a happenin’

Thanksgiving came and went in a blink and Christmas is officially peeking around the corner at me as I pretend that I’ve bought all of my presents while secretly hiding the sweat that’s pooling in the waistband of my underroos knowing damn well I haven’t bought a thing. So for now to get my mind off of it, here are a few photos of what’s been going on in these here parts lately… IMG_0401 babies Jumping on Auntie Jaime’s bed is the best! p.s.Owl City’s Good Time gets the highest jumps out of 3-year-olds… bed jumping sleeping beauty For the 5th year in a row I participated in the annual Weddingbee ornament exchange. This year I was given Mrs. Glasses and for weeks I worried about how I was going to make a handmade ornament that looked like a pair of glasses. And then it hit me…duh, a bee with glasses for a bee with glasses… bee adalyn My boss came into town and fed us lots of food while we dared him to ice skate on the rink behind this tree. He wasn’t having it. Note to self – feed boss man more wine before trying to get him to strap sharp blades to his feet and glide around like a delicate swan…. Bill birthday card Exact words spoken before snapping the greatest picture in the history of ever: “Mommy, there’s a booger on my finger and it’s freaking me out…” booger caleb A fun time was had by all at work playing the open-the-vending-machine-press-the-button-and-catch-the-flying-can-before-it-hits-you-in-the-crotch game…. catch the can shrek My car has officially sprouted its annual antlers from Dollar Tree… DSC03823 DSC03824 I wondered for days while the snow was melting why on earth the slush running off my patio table was a sick yellowish color. Then all of the snow melted to reveal a present from the squirrels with teeth marks in it. An hour later it was gone. We’re just all going to agree that it’s a piece of chocolate. Squirrel=3, Me=0. Asshole. chocolate dad Doggie torture…. doggie torture Brother-in-law torture (don’t let that face fool you, he always looks like that when I see him)… IMG_0367 I am officially 100% Hunger Games obsessed. I ended up going to see the third in the theater by myself because I was super impatient and couldn’t wait for my Hunger Games partner in crime to join me…and now I’m dying for the 4th…damn you Mockingjay 1 for ending where you did! hunger games IMG_0359 And for the best song to add to your Christmas kitchen dance party playlist (why yes we do have one of those that we danced to for 2 hours last night, we’ll surely be adding more songs to it nightly)…


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