september in photos

We learned a lot of things and did a lot of stuff and grew a whole bunch in September.

We opened souvenirs bought especially for us from Ireland.

We made our first cards for Grandparents’ Day. We also threw an A+ tantrum when momma said we couldn’t run around the house with uncapped markers in hand.

We went from wearing sundresses and sandals…

…to hoodies and leggings.

We discovered the best way to eat apples is skinless and coreless,

…the best way to eat applesauce is through a straw,

…the best way to eat yogurt is upside down,

…and the best way to eat a meal is with friends.

We learned that jumping, sliding, crawling and bouncing around for hours is a great way to celebrate a friend.

(bringing a toddler up an inflatable ramp is not as easy at it looks!)

We discovered our favorite willow trees are starting to look a little sad this time of year.

We discovered some old lady stole Scott’s hoopty.

We learned that when a restaurant says ‘king sized’ pizza, they’re not kidding.

We discovered a pretty little path.

We learned that chipmunks who sneak up on you are good reason to turn and run away screaming.

We attempted to sleep in our own room at night for the first time. It was a disaster.

We swapped out our Christmas lights on the street lamp for some Halloween-y ones.

We discovered the greatest Halloween costume ever for a pregnant lady. Love the little pumpkin basket.

We trimmed lots of little nails in the dark of night.

We rewrote a resume and realized we were using a pen from the company that started this whole mess in the first place.

We took our Sunday morning car rides to Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds, a weekly tradition going on 2 years.

We shook our heads at Kohl’s jumping the gun just a little.

We found a handy tip on the side of the aluminum foil but couldn’t get past the “don’t want to finish the bottle” part.

We discovered new hidden lunch break spots in the middle of the concrete jungle.

We took pictures of a very distinguished gentleman on his very distinguished scooter.

We ran down a hill Little House on the Prairie style.

And we discovered the cuteness of a little girl with a cold pink nose and rosy cheeks.

It was a busy month indeed.



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5 responses to “september in photos

  1. what a great month–so much going on! i may have to copy that idea for the pregnant lady halloween costume.

  2. Mandy

    First night in her own room? Has she been sleeping with you & Scott? Aww!
    What a lil champ with that apple 😉

  3. The first time I ever went to Monkey Joes (a place similar to the one where you are climbing up the bouncy house wall) I almost died carrying Little G (Who was 20 months, and 30+ lbs at the time) up the ladder/stairs…turns out, I was about 16 days pregnant with his sister…still….THAT was a workout!

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